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Wheat Development/Leaf Stage

Seed Date                              Stage
4/21                                         5-6 leaf - jointing
5/1                                           5 leaf
5/15                                         3.5 leaf - tillering
5/20                                         3 leaf
5/26                                         2 leaf
5/31                                         Emergence  

Crops Advancing rapidly!  All early seeded wheat and canola has been sprayed for weeds and a good share of the emerged crop being sprayed this week and next.   Important:   Conditions are very favorable for good weed control but we need to make a point to re-check all spray operations for control percentages in 7 days after the herbicide is applied.   Earlier would be better but in most cases weed injury can be hard to identify in anything less than a week with most of the products used today.   This check is very important for efficacy of the herbicide to possible weed resistance.   Late flushes will also be noticed at this time and any weeds that come after a week will likely not impact yields if crop stands are good.

Early applications of intended topdressing fertilizers is very important prior to a rain event to get maximum return on the investment.   Most are using urea with agritain which is proven to reduce volatilization losses if rain doesn’t fall within a few days after application.  Liquid fertilizers are also fairly common as a separate application with stream bars or added to herbicides and/or fungicides.  Care must be taken with herbicide and fertilizer tank mixes (see page 80 in the new weed control guide).

New 2014 Weed Guides were distributed at all recertification meetings but for others that didn’t need recertification you can stop by anytime for a copy of the latest Weed Control Guide as well as Insecticide and Fungicide Guides.

Insects!  As of this writing flea beetles continue to feed in canola fields but most of the advanced fields are home free so only the recently or newly emerging fields need to be monitored for flea beetle buildups.  

Aster leafhoppers number to date are quite low in comparison to 2012 when record populations were present that resulted in heavy aster yellow damage in canola.  Last year no leaf hoppers showed up so this year we are finding a few but we have no data to support a certain threshold that would warrant control so for this year and the next several we’re gathering data to hopefully someday arrive at a certain level of confidence in when to recommend an insecticide application.   Some farmers have included the insecticide to be on the safe side so if you have used an insecticide on emerged canola let me know and we can monitor the level of aster yellows as long as there is something to compare the sprayed vs. non-sprayed area.

Late seeding! Our favored crop for late planting in Cavalier County is without a doubt Canola!  Year in year out canola has consistently performed better than any crop planted late.  In 2011 big canola yields came in with mid-June seeding date, with the crop ready to swath in just 81 days from planting!  Will that happen again probably not but the odds are in your favor if you chose canola for late planting.   Last year of course every crop performed well planted in mid-June but the odds of that happening again is extremely low.

Field inspection Applications Due June 15:   Forms available at the Extension Office.  Certified seed growers are encouraged to apply for a field inspection.  Reminder to use separate applications for small grains, soybeans, edible beans, etc.  Also include bulk certificate or certified seed tag for each variety, FSA map with field boundaries outlined, payment for all field inspection fees and your signature.    

SCAM ALERT: Phone Scam Alleging Association with USDA Farm Service Agency:  It has been brought to the attention of USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) that a phone scam is being perpetrated on FSA customers.  The caller, who identifies themselves as a Farm Loan Services representative out of Washington, D.C. states that FSA “owes” you disaster assistance funds and proceeds to request your checking account information or requests a credit card number alleging that funds will be credited to these accounts.  SHOULD YOU RECEIVE A SIMILAR CALL, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PROVIDE PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO THE CALLER.  

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