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record keeping info & forms, project completion guidelines

Developing Skills for Life

What does completing a project mean?

Record Keeping Forms

Why Keep 4-H Records?

Most of us have been faced with the question, "Why do we need to keep 4-H project records?" It's a good question and there are many good answers.

The purpose of 4-H record keeping is to simply teach how to keep records. 4-H record keeping is an educational piece of each 4-H project that is important in the development of this life skill. Record keeping should be a continuous process. It should be done regularly and as soon as possible in relation to the items being reported on. This practice will make the task easier and more meaningful. Remember, "Learn by Doing" is the slogan.

4-H records are kept to help the member:

  • Develop the habit of recording things when they happen.
  • Training for keeping up-to-date and accurate records as an adult.
  • Learn effective communications in written form.
  • Record accomplishments.
  • Develop skills for filling out job applications, college scholarships and college admission froms.

4-H projects are designed for the development of project skills as well as life skills such as record keeping, decision making, communication, responsibility and leadership.

What Does Completing a 4-H Project Mean?

Step 1 - Completing Project Requirements

  1. 4HCCS (4-H Curriculum System) Project Books usually have two-three pages with a chart format listing requirements necessary to complete the project, such as: Project Goals, Leadership Experiences, Required & Optional Activities.
  2. Other 4-H Project Books are not always as specific. There may be suggested project requirements listed. If not, choose six activities related to the project to define your project requirements.

Step 2 - Recording Completed Project Requirements

  1. 4HCCS Project Books - As you work in your project throughout the year, fill in your project accomplishments on the chart in your project book.
  2. Other 4-H Project Books - Record project accomplishments on GREEN Project Achievement Record Form or use Livestock Records (if they apply) as you work in your project area throughout the year.

Step 3 - Submit to 4-H Leader in August the following records

  1. Completed 4HCCS Project Books
  2. Completed Other 4-H Project Books with GREEN Project Achievement record Form
  3. Completed 4-H Record Set with completed projects recorded on page 23


  • Exhibiting at the Red River Valley Fair and/or Achievement Days IS NOT a requirement to complete a project.
  • Exhibiting at the Red River Valley Fair and/or Achievement Days DOES NOT complete a project but can be part of completing a project.
  • Doing the project activities and paperwork ARE requirements to consider a project completed.

Record Keeping Forms

Record Books
Cass County 4-H Member Record Book PDF
Cloverbud Member Book   PDF
Independent Member Forms
Independent Membership Guidelines/Agreement PDF
Independent Awards Application PDF
Project Record Forms
4-H Poultry Record (Cass County) PDF
4-H Rabbit Record (Cass County) PDF
4-H Small Pets/Cats Record (Cass County) PDF
4-H Livestock Identification Form PDF
Crop Production Project Worksheet PDF
ND 4-H Sheep or Beef Breeding Project Record PDF
ND 4-H Market Animal Project Record PDF
4-H Dairy Production Record PDF
4-H Beef Breeding Project Lifetime Record PDF
4-H Horse Record PDF
Horse ID Form PDF
4-H Sheep Breeding Project Lifetime Record PDF
ND 4-H Swine Breeding Project PDF
Club Officer Books & Forms
Secretary's Record Book PDF
Club Secretary Work Sheet PDF
Club Reporter Form   PDF
Treasurer's Record Book PDF
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