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Vern Anderson, Animal Scientist, retired

Vern Anderson is a CREC animal scientist.

Vern Anderson full profile

The Researcher:

Dr. Vern Anderson is the research Animal Scientist at the North Dakota State University Carrington Research Extension Center where he has been doing nutrition and management research with beef cows and feedlot animals for over 30 years. A native of the Northern Plains, Dr. Anderson has researched a wide variety of feed ingredients, focusing on feeds grown and processed in the temperate regions of the world. He has extensive experience in cattle husbandry and low-stress care and management of livestock.

Dr. Anderson works in concert with agronomic researchers to develop crop-livestock production systems that will provide grain, protein, and forages to ruminant animals. He has traveled widely across North America, Asia, and Europe advising and lecturing on his feeds research. He has published numerous research papers in a variety of journals, university research reports, and popular press. He is a member of the American Society of Animal Sciences and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists which certifies the Professional Animal Scientist (P. A. S.) credential. His academic training was initiated at South Dakota State University with his Ph.D. earned at North Dakota State University in 2000.

Dr. Anderson has led efforts in economic development of livestock enterprises throughout the region. He was a founding member of the North Dakota State University Feedlot School and continues to teach some of the core classes of that shortcourse. Dr. Anderson has conducted research on the nutrition of American Buffalo (L. Bison bison) and studied elk, yak, and reindeer nutrition. 

The Research Goals:

To conduct research and outreach programs which provide relevant nutrition and management information to beef producers. Specific goals are to enhance beef cattle production, increase profit for the producer, and improve quality of life by reducing stress on cattle.

Why It Matters:

  • The resources are in place in North Dakota for extensive livestock development. We have lost some of the culture for livestock production in North Dakota but the practical research and educational activities at CREC nurture producers and foster the growth of cow numbers and feedlot enterprises.
  • Livestock research results are available on the web and in print, presented in person at area producer meetings, published in popular press, presented at scientific societies, and provided to industry throughout the region, continent, and globally.
  • There has been state-wide, regional, national, and global demand for information generated at CREC-LU. At least 35 different international groups from around the world have purposefully visited the CREC in the past two years with interest in livestock production information.
  • The practical and relevant nutrition and management research at CREC is useful to cattle producers throughout the temperate regions of the world and to some tropical areas as well. Positive response from visitors provides evidence of the impact of this research program.


Contact Information:
NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center
663 Hwy. 281 NE
PO Box 219
Carrington, ND  58421
fax 701-652-2055

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