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Fungicide Efficacy Testing Results – Soybeans

The NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center conducts extensive field studies evaluating the management of Sclerotinia stem rot in soybeans.


Coniothyrium minitans - Contans WG (1 to 2 lb/ac).  Field trials conducted with Contans in 2012 permitted an evaluation of the efficacy of Contans for control of sclerotia and apothecia produced by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, but the design of the experiment did not permit a rigorous assessment of the impact of Contans on Sclerotinia control or soybean yield.  Sclerotia were primarily on the surface in these trials, and results are likely to be most applicable to no-till production or conventially tilled fields when Contans is applied prior to tillage and after harvest of a Sclerotinia-infected crop.

RESEARCH RESULTS:  Carrington, 2012, application rate and timing (fall/spring):  [ illustrated | full ]; application timing in the spring:  [ illustrated | full ]; incorporation methods:  [ illustrated | full ]  



Boscalid (FRAC 7) - Endura 70WG (5.5 to 11 oz/ac) - Each kilogram of Endura contains 700 grams of boscalid.

Fluxapyroxad (FRAC 7) + pyraclostrobin (FRAC 11) - Priaxor 500SC (4 to 8 oz/ac) - Each liter of Priaxor contains 333 grams pyraclostrobin and 167 grams fluxapyroxad.  

Lactofen herbicide - Cobra herbicide (6 to 8 oz/ac applied with 0.5 to 1 pt/ac crop oil concentrate and 0.25% v/v non-ionic surfactant; refer to the label for more details)

  • Efficacy of Cobra for Sclerotinia control on soybeans:  Carrington 2010a [ illustrated | full report ], Carrington 2010b [illustrated | full report ], Carrington 2012b [ illustrated | full report ], Carrington 2012c [ illustrated | full report ], Carrington 2013a [ illustrated | full report ]
  • General commentary on the efficacy of Cobra:  When applied at the late vegetative growth stages or bloom initiation, Cobra consistently exhibits efficacy against Sclerotinia stem rot on soybeans.  However, this application timing of Cobra also causes yield loss in soybeans, and applying Cobra to control Sclerotinia on soybeans generally only results in a net yield gain when Sclerotinia pressure is high.

Penthiopyrad (FRAC 7) - Vertisan 200EC (10 to 30 fl oz/ac) - Each liter of Vertisan contains 200 grams penthiopyrad.

  • Efficacy of Vertisan  for Sclerotinia control on soybeans:  Carrington 2010a [ illustrated | full report ]
  • There is not enough data to rigorously assess the efficacy of Vertisan for Sclerotinia control on soybeans.

Picoxystrobin (FRAC 11) - Aproach 250SC (6 to 12 fl oz/ac) - Each liter of Aproach contains 250 grams picoxystrobin.

Prothioconazole (FRAC 3) - Proline 480SC (3 to 5 fl oz/ac) - Each liter of Proline contains 480 grams prothioconazole.

Tetraconazole (FRAC 3) - Domark 230ME (4 to 5 fl oz/ac) - Each liter of Domark contains 230 grams tetraconazole.

Thiophanate-methyl (FRAC 1) - Topsin 4.5 FL (20 fl oz/ac), Topsin 70WP (1 lb/ac), and other brands.  Each liter of the flowable formulation of Topsin contains 540 grams thiophanate-methyl.

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