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Image Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor
Image Apple Banner
A pile of juicy red apples.
Image Apple Tree
A cluster of apples on a tree.
Image Apple Variety Trial
This is an apple variety trial.
Image Octet Stream Aronia
These are some aronia fruits.
Image Aronia Banner
Some aronia fruits on the plant.
Image ECMAScript program Aronia Berries
A few clusters of aronia berries on the plant.
Image Barley Nursery
This is a nursery for barley.
Image Troff document Black Currant
These are some black currants.
Image Black Currant Banner
Some black currant berries.
Image Black Currant Clusters
A branch full of black currants.
Image Black Currant Variety Trial
A row of different varieties of black currants.
Image Blaine G. Schatz
Blaine G. Schatz talking to a CREC Field Day group.
Image Borage Variety Trials
This is a borage variety trial.
Image Camelina Variety Trials
This is a camelina variety trial.
Image ODS template Carrington Canola Plots
These are some canola plots near carrington.
Image JPEG image Center Points Logo
Image Cherry Banner
A few red cherries on a branch.
Image application/x-troff-ms Cherry Blossoms
A row of cherry blossoms.
Image Chickpea Variety Trials
This is a chickpea variety trial.
Image Corn Trials at Carrington
These are some corn trials by Carrington.
Image Crambe Variety Trial
This is a crambe variety trial.
Image object code CREC Logo
This is the CREC logo.
Image Dry Bean
These are some dry beans.
Image Durum
This is some durum wheat.
Image ECMAScript program Dwarf Sour Cherries
Some dwarf sour cherries on the tree.
Image EarlyBirdNiger
This is some early bird niger.
Image Einkorn
This is some einkorn.
Image Elderberry
This is some elderberry plants.
Image Elderberry Flowers
Beautiful white elderberry flowers.
Image Emily Kline
Emily Kline is a CREC livestock environmental specialist.
Image Energy Sugarbeet Variety Trial
This is an energy sugarbeet variety trial.
Image Ezra Aberle
Ezra Aberle is a CREC research specialist.
Image Octet Stream Field Pea
These are some field peas.
Image Flax Increase Near the Center
This is some flax increase near the center.
Image Forage Pea Windrows
These are some forage pea windrows.
Image Fruit Index Banner
An overview of the gooseberry section of the orchard.
Image Fruit Pile
A basket of fruit prepared to be weighed.
Image Fruit Project Banner
A collage of fruits grown at the CREC.
Image Gooseberry
Some gooseberries.
Image Troff document Gooseberry Banner
Some gooseberries hanging from the plant.
Image Troff document Gooseberry Diseased Plant
Two gooseberry plants that are infected.
Image Gooseberry Table
A table on gooseberry varieties that have been in the program.
Image Grape Banner
Several grape bunches hanging from the vine.
Image Grape Cluster
A cluster of grapes.
Image ECMAScript program Greg Endres
Greg Endres is the CREC area specialist and cropping systems.
Image Hard Red Spring Wheat Variety Trial
This is a hard red spring wheat variety trial.
Image Pascal source code Haskap
These are some Haskap fruit.
Image Haskap Banner
Some blue haskap berries on the plant.
Image Troff document Haskap Fruit
A closeup of a haskap berry cluster.
Image C header Jasper Teboh
Jasper Teboh is a CREC soil scientist.
Image Juneberry
This is a juneberry plant.
Image Juneberry Banner
Juneberry clusters on the plant.
Image Juneberry Cluster
A closeup of a juneberry cluster.
Image Karl Hoppe
Karl Hoppe is the CREC area specialist and livestock systems.
Image Troff document Kathy Wiederholt
Kathy Wiederholt is a CREC fruit project manager.
Image Lentils
These are some plots of lentils.
Image Leonard Besemann
Leonard Besemann is a CREC research Specialist.
Image Lupin Germplasm Evaluation
This is a lupin germplasm evaluation.
Image Manor Buckwheat Increase
This is manor buckwheat increase.
Image Pascal source code Map
The Carrington Research Extension Center can be found 3.5 miles North on 281 from the 200 & 281 intersection.
Image Mary Berg
Mary Berg is a CREC livestock environmental management specialist.
Image C header Michael Wunsch
Michael Wunsch is the CREC plant pathologist.
Image Mike Ostlie
Mike Ostlie is a CREC agronomist.
Image Mustard Variety Trial
This is a mustard variety trial.
Image chemical/x-mdl-rdfile Northern Hardy Fruit Orchard
This is a view of the Northern Hardy Fruit Orchard.
Image Northern Hardy Fruit Orchard2
This is the Northern Hardy Fruit Orchard with some of the fruits it produces.
Image Oat Variety Trial
This is an oat variety trial.
Image Organic Potato Variety Trial
This is an organic potato variety trial.
Image Organic Rye Rolled with the Roller/Crimper
This is some organic rye that was rolled with the roller/crimper.
Image ODS template Overview of Plots
This is an overview of some plots.
Image JPEG image Paulo Flores, Nutrient Management Specialist
Image Plum
These are some plums.
Image Plum Banner
Closeup of a few plums.
Image Troff document Proso Millet
This is some proso millet in the field.
Image Troff document Red Currant
These are some red currants.
Image Red Currant Banner
Some red currant clusters.
Image Red Currant Clusters
A closeup of red currant clusters.
Image Safflower Variety Trial
This is a safflower variety trial.
Image Seaberry
These are some seaberries.
Image Seaberry Banner
Some seaberries growing.
Image Troff document Seaberry Fruit
Some seaberry fruit grown at the center.
Image chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-binary Seaberry Removal
The seaberry plants being removed.
Image application/x-troff-me Seaberry Wintertime
Some seaberry plants during the winter.
Image Soybean
This is a plot of soybeans.
Image Soybean Establishment Factors
A table showing NDSU CREC recommendations for soybean establishment factors.
Image Spring Spelt Variety Trial
This is a spring spelt variety trial.
Image object code Staff Group Photo
Our friendly staff here at Carrington Research Extension Center.
Image Steve Zwinger
Steve Zwinger is a CREC research specialist.
Image Sunflowers
This is a sunflower.
Image text/texmacs Vacquero Onion Transplants
These are some vacquero onion transplants.
Image ECMAScript program Valiant Grapes
These are some valiant grapes.
Image Vern Anderson
Vern Anderson is a CREC animal scientist.
Image object code Video
Videos of our events can be found online now.
Image Walt Albus
Walt Albus is a CREC research agronomist.
Image application/x-troff-me Welcome
These are some flax flowers in front of the main office here at CREC.
Image Troff document White Currant
These are some white currants.
Image White Currant Clusters
A closeup of white currant clusters.
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