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File PDF document CREC Fruit Project Handout
A brief overview of the Northern Hardy Fruit Evaluation Project here at the Carrington Research Extension Center. Fruits being evaluated include but not limited to aronia, currants, cherries, elderberries, gooseberries, honeyberry, juneberry, and sea berry.
File CREC Fruit Recommendations
The fruit recommendations from the Carrington Research Extension Center for apples, plums, grapes, aronia, cherries, currants, Honeyberry, juneberry, gooseberries, sea berry, and elderberries.
File PDF document CREC Fruit Variety Descriptions
The fruit variety descriptions for apples, aronia, hardy cherry, black currants, red currants, white currants, elderberry, gooseberry, grapes, honeyberry, juneberry, hybrid plums, and sea berry.
File Pruning Shrubs for Fruit and Beauty
Most shrubs benefit from a yearly pruning. Pruning makes the plants healthier, stronger and usually more attractive.
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