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File 2000 A Recap on Two Years of Assessing Waste Management Systems for Livestock Operations
A look at the most common challenges that farms have had during on-farm visits.
File 2000 Alternative Crops for an Alternative Industry
Aquaculture as a way to diversify a farm to increase profitability.
File chemical/x-molconn-Z 2000 Closeout Performance of a North Dakota Cattle Feeding Club
How well a limited liability partnership feedlot did in its first year.
File 2000 Demonstration of Lignite Ash for Feedlot Surfaces - Project Update
An update on how lignite ash affects soil stability in feedlots.
File 2000 Development of a Producer-integrated Meat Processing Firm - Dakota Halal
The development of a local meat processing firm to benefit local area cattle producers.
File Troff document 2000 Identifying Fast Growing Genetics - NDWS Steer Classic Feedout Project
An update on feedout project's goal to identify superior genetics in cattle.
File 2000 Malting Barley Co-products or Wheat Midds in Corn-based Diets for Growing Yearling Steers
Comparing the use of malting barley to wheat midds in cattle diets.
File D source code 2000 Management Characteristics of High and Low Profit Beef Cow Producers in East-Central ND
A study of area cattle producers in the Carrington Area Farm Business Management Program looking at profitability.
File ECMAScript program 2000 Manure Nutrient Management Planning - Educational Programs and Producer Practices
Results from a questionnaire given at a workshop on nutrient management.
File Troff document 2000 Maximizing Forage and Minimizing Grain Intake in Bison Bulls Fed for Meat
A study looking at animal performance, carcass quality, and economic returns when the forage feeding period was lengthened and the grain feeding period was shortened.
File ECMAScript program 2000 North Dakota Barley Feeders, LLLP Proposes to Add Value to ND Commodities
An investment group has been formed to feed cattle in existing yards across the state.
File Troff document 2000 Perch and Sunfish, the Other White Meat
Comparing the growth rate of different fish.
File 2000 Potato Co-Product as a Feed Source for Beef Cows and Feedlot Cattle
Some experiments looking at using potato co-products for cattle feed.
File 2000 Sclerotinia-infected Sunflowers as a Feed Source for Pregnant and Non-pregnant Mature Beef Cows
This study was looking at feeding sclerotinia-infected sunflower screenings to cows to see if a viable feed source.
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