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Docs 2017

File 2017 Are You Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Thoughts on Nutrient Management Planning
Manure fertilizer adds organic matter, beneficial organisms and useful nutrients.
File Octet Stream 2017 Summary of Extension Field Surveys in South-Central North Dakota
Integrated pest management surveys in south-central North Dakota.
File model/iges 2017 Evaluation of an Avian Repellent in Reducing Blackbird Damage when Applied to Sunflower Using Drop Nozzle-equipped Ground Rigs
Using a ground rig equipped with drop nozzles to apply repellent directly to sunflower.
File 2017 Cover Crop Safety following Wheat Herbicide Application
A study to determine which cover crops were safe to plant following wheat.
File 2017 Winter Rye in Soybeans: What You Need to Know
Guidelines for a rye and soybean cropping system.
File 2017 Sunflower Stand Counts from Imagery Collected with a Small Off-the-Shelf UAS
A trial to evaluate different factors that may impact the ability to enhance sunflower seed spacing at planting.
File 2017 The Effect of Energy Beets in a Crop Rotation
A crop rotation study to evaluate how energy beets affect cropping systems in central North Dakota.
File ECMAScript program 2017 Evaluation of Organic HRS Wheat Seeding Rates
A trial to evaluate the effect of seeding rates on agronomic performance and milling and baking qualities of wheat.
File 2017 Effect of Planting Date and Population of Two Soybean Varieties under Dryland and Irrigation
A trial to determine the effects of planting dates on soybean performance, impact of seeding rates on yield, and interaction of variety and planting date.
File 2017 Soybean Response to Paired-row Spacing and Canopy Type
A trial to measure soybean performance with paired rows compared to intermediate and wide row spacing.
File 2017 Effect of N Fertilization and Tillage on Nitrous Oxide Loss from Soil under Wheat Production
Soil N20 gas flux measured in wheat plots.
File 2017 Soybean Dicamba Tolerance Varies by Variety
Soybean variety performance was compared to plant growth regulator (PGR) symptom severity.
File 2017 Effect of Nitrogen and Sulfur Interaction on Yield of Corn
A study to determine S fertilizer recommendation on loam soil for optimum corn production and to investigate the impact of S on N use efficiency of corn.
File 2017 Black Bean Seed Yield with Row Spacing and Plant Population
A study to examine the response of black and navy bean to row spacing and plant population.
File 2017 Changes to Barley Protein and Yield on Variable Terrain
A study to investigate the application of precision agriculture concepts in barley.
File 2017 Optimizing Row Spacing and Seeding Rate for Maximum Soybean Agronomic Performance under White Mold Pressure
A study to identify how row spacing impacts soybean yield and market grade under different levels of white mold disease pressure.
File 2017 Post Anthesis Nitrogen Application on Wheat to Enhance Protein
A study to determine late-season application of nitrogen effect on wheat protein content.
File 2017 An Update of Dicamba Drift Injury Thresholds for Dry Beans and Field Peas
Studies to determine how well visual injury after a drift event corresponds to yield loss and whether a tissue test can be used to predict yield damage.
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