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File Octet Stream 2020 Initial Evaluation of the 60-inch Corn System in North Dakota
A trial to investigate the feasibility of wide-row corn in North Dakota.
File application/x-troff-ms 2020 A Preview of Grazing Cover Crops in North Dakota Cash Cropping Systems
Livestock integration into cash cropping systems is a way to gain multiple use of each acre of land per year.
File ECMAScript program 2020 Cover Crop Response to Soybean Herbicides
A six site-year database for the risk of cover crop injury due to soybean herbicides.
File 2020 Assessment of Canola Response to Top-dress Nitrogen and Sulfur
A study to assess canola yield response to split N fertilization with variable rates of S; compare yield from top-dress with EENF vs. urea; and assess whether S application at bolting will enhance yield vs. preplant fertilizer.
File Octet Stream 2020 A Mobile Web-mapping Application for Real-time Monitoring of Palmer Amaranth in North Dakota
An application that offers an efficient and lightweight method of monitoring the presence and spread of noxious weeds in North Dakota.
File text/texmacs 2020 Assessment of N Fixation and Soybean Yield Response to the Application of Distillers Co-Products
Assessment of distillers grains as a source of phosphorus for soybeans and impact on yield, quality and N fixation.
File 2020 Effects of Nitrogen Top-dress at Tasseling on Corn
A study on the effects of top-dress nitrogen on corn.
File 2020 Three Years of Data Addressing Rye Water Use Prior to Soybean
Rye as a cover crop prior to soybean.
File Octet Stream 2020 Soybean Yield Response to Planting Rates and Row Spacings in North Dakota
A more precise guide for establishing soybean stands, using seed yield response data across regions in the state.
File Pascal source code 2020 Jump Starting Mycorrhizal Colonization in Corn Following Non-host Crop
A study comparing a mycorrhizal cover crop to mycorrhizal inoculants for corn.
File 2020 Organic Evaluation and Increase of a Determinate Buckwheat Variety
A study of the determinate buckwheat variety, Devyatka.
File 2020 Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer Impact on Soil Available N, Corn and Wheate
A field trial to assess the effectiveness of EENFs.
File 2020 Influence of Oat Variety and Harvest Timing on Alfalfa Establishment in an Organic System
Evaluation of organic alfalfa establishment using an oat companion crop.
File chemical/x-pdb 2020 Field Pea and Canola Intercropping Production Management
A study to test the different seeding ratios of field pea and canola to establish baseline agronomic strategies for intercropping.
File chemical/x-pdb 2020 Assessment of a New Scalable Non-near Infrared Vegetation Indix for Crop Assessment
File 2020 Long-Term Cropping Systems Study
Yield results from the 2019 trial.
File 2020 Optimizing Fungicide Drop Size for Improved Management of White Mold in Soybeans
Research results indicate that fungicide droplet size is a critical determinant of fungicide performance for the management of white mold in soybeans.
File PS document 2020 Pollinator Communities in Annual Pollinator Plantings and Adjacent Dry Bean Crops
A study to identify plant pollinator interactions within annual plantings and assess the potential pollinators in dry beans.
File 2020 Utilization of Soybean Hulls in Drylot Beef Cow-Calf Rations
A study to evaluate the use of soybean hulls as a partial forage replacement in drylot cow-calf rations during an entire calving cycle.
File Troff document 2020 Discovering Value in North Dakota Calves: 20 Years of the Dakota Feeder Calf Show Feedout
The Dakota Feeder Calf Show feedout project to help cattle producers discover the actual value of their spring-born calves.
File text/texmacs 2020 Northern Hardy Fruit Evaluation Project: Drought Returns, SWD Persists
A recap of the 2020 season from the Northern Hardy Fruit Project.
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