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Have You Ever Wondered?


Have you ever sat and pondered how Center Points gets to you each week? Most of the push behind Center Points is Mary Keena.  (You might know her as Mary Berg, but Mary got married this fall.  Same Mary, new name, pretty ring, nice guy, that Nick!)

About once a quarter, Mary sends us all an email, asking for volunteers to write weekly blogs. There are only a few rules. The blog can’t be too long, or you won’t want to read it.  Some pictures are nice, if they pertain to the subject at hand, because sometimes that’s all the time you (the reader) have.

The copy needs to be submitted to Mary with a little time for quick edits, double-checking that we remembered to develop captions for images, and so Mary can do the behind-the-scenes magic to actually post (publish) the blog and then write a quick email reminder to send to the listserv.


Wish you were part of the listserv? Subscribing is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Send an e-mail to
  2. Leave the subject line of the email blank
  3. In the body (not the subject line) of the e-mail enter the following:
         SUB NDSU-CARRINGTONREC-CENTERPOINTS yourfirstname yourlastname


Simply send a regular email to Mary.Keena@ndsu.

Already getting the emails? Great, maybe you want to share this information with a friend or colleague!

We like it best when you let us know what you want to know. So if you click this link you will be able to suggest a topic and Mary will see if someone at the CREC can cover it.

As always, if you have specific questions you can always contact your local Extension agent or call us at 701-652-2951.


Linda Schuster
Administrative Secretary

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