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Retained Ownership and Research: Helping ND cattle producers discover value and generating cattle feeding knowledge for the state


For over 13 years the Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC) Livestock Program has been involved with the Central Dakota Feeder Calf Show producer consignment feed-out program.  The Central Dakota Feeder Calf-show is an all breeds feed-out program where cattle are consigned in the fall and fed to finish through the winter at the CREC livestock unit.  Three years ago through a partnership with the North Dakota Angus Association the CREC Livestock Program began a summer producer consignment feed-out program, for cattle with Angus based genetics, called North Dakota Angus University (NDAU).  Both programs are similar in basic function in that they allow cattle producers in North Dakota to retain ownership of their calves and feed them to finish.  At the end of the feeding period the cattle are marketed and the consignor receives the profits minus feed, yardage, and health costs.  Consignors also receive information on animal performance (live weight and average daily gain) throughout the feeding period, feed intake, and carcass data on each animal that is consigned.  Additionally, the consigned cattle play a vital role in the feedlot research conducted by the CREC livestock program.  These two producer consignment programs provide a dual value: 1) allowing ND producers to experience retained ownership and discover the value of the calves they raise; 2) contribute to increased knowledge to the whole state and the region through the research projects the cattle participate in through the years.


Dakota Feeder Calf Show Steers in the Feedlot. 

The 2015 Dakota Feeder Calf Show cattle are currently in the feedlot at the CREC, participating in a research study looking at the effects of two fat levels (8% or 5%) in corn distiller’s dry grains when fed with corn or barley based feedlot growing and finishing diets.  The cattle are currently on the finishing stage of the trial and are weighing 985 lbs and gaining 4.2 lbs/hd/d.  The most recent Angus University cattle were placed on feed in June 2014 and marketed in October, weighing an average of 1390 lbs with an average daily gain of 4.40 lbs/hd/d.  The NDAU cattle participated in a trial looking at the effects of feeding a traditional dry rolled corn diet compared to 3 corn tempering (corn is soaked or “re-wet” and then rolled) diets.  Both of these trials, as with past trials will be analyzed and the data will be published in the North Dakota Beef report as well as the CREC research report and presented regionally at various producer programs.  Producers that are interested in either of these feed-out programs are welcome to contact the CREC anytime. 



North Dakota Angus University Round-up: February 12, 2015 1-3pm

On February 12, 2015 from 1-3pm the Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC) and the North Dakota Angus Association (NDAA) will host the North Dakota Angus University Round-up at the CREC.  The NDAU Round-Up is a classroom based program aimed at providing past and future NDAU consignors and others interested in the program an opportunity to gain information on how the program functions, specifics on how cattle in the program have performed, and insight into using carcass EPDs for making future bull selections.  There will also be a time of discussion for attendees to ask questions and provide input. NDAU Round-Up presenters will include research, extension, and farm business management staff from the CREC. The session is free and open to the public. 

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