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Nutrient Content in Solid Feedlot Beef Manure Across North Dakota


As small grains start coming off the fields and bins start to fill, it’s time to plan fall fertilizer applications for next year’s crops. This time of the year coincides with feedlot pen clean up, when considerable amounts of manure might become available for land application. It is well documented that beef manure contains many essential micro and macronutrients for plant development and growth. 

In North Dakota, 193 beef manure samples were recently collected and analyzed for nutrient content. In the table below, you will find a summary of those analysis results.  


The values above are a good start for planning purposes, but it is strongly recommended to get your manure analyzed, so you know what nutrients you are really adding into the soil. Click on the following link to find out the manure testing laboratory closest to you: Many of them will ship you sampling containers and specific instructions upon request.

As you get ready to fertilize your fields (no matter the fertilizer source) keep in mind the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship:

  • Right source: Match the fertilizer source with the crop needs.
  • Right rate: Match the application rate with the crop nutrient requirements.
  • Right time: Synchronize nutrient availability with crop demand.
  • Right place: Place nutrient where crop can use them and where environmental concerns will be minimized.

More information on these concepts can be found here:

Before purchasing commercial fertilizer this fall, consider contacting a beef operation near you to use manure as a fertilizer for the next growing season!

Want to learn more about managing manure as a fertilizer? Plan to attend Nutrient Management Day at the CREC on Tuesday, August 18th. Click on the poster below to register today!

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