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Growing and finishing studies evaluate the usefulness of the many feeds available in North Dakota.  Management practices for feeding “natural” calves are being evaluated.  Feedlot performance, carcass traits, and taste panel studies are compared.  Feedlot research includes management and husbandry of calves, mitigation of winter weather stress, facilities development for working animals, stabilizing pen surfaces and water fountain styles.  Feeder cattle for feedlot studies are raised on the Research Center, procured from area ranches, purchased from area sale barns, or secured from other Research Centers.  Many research studies are conducted in collaboration with scientists on campus, and at other Research Centers.

Following are links to NDSU Extension publications and links to specific articles related to feedlot research.


2016 North Dakota Beef Report 

2015 Beef Cattle and Range Research Report

Alternative Feeds for Ruminants

Beef Feeding Operation Siting and Design Basics

Biosecure Nutrient Management Practices

Combined Feed Value and Protein and Energy Calculator

Composting Animal Manures: A Guide to the Process and Management of Animal Manure Compost

Field Pea Grain for Beef Cattle

Harvesting, Storing and Feeding Corn as Earlage

Harvesting, Storing and Feeding High-Moisture Corn

Instructions for Use of Fly Ash to Stabilize Soil in Livestock Facilities

Low-stress Cattle Working Facilities

Low-stress Cattle Working Facilities Video

Managing Odor Nuisance and Dust from Cattle Feedlots

Producer's Guide to Livestock Manure Management Systems

Resource Guide for Livestock Manure Management

Using Flax in Livestock Diets

Wheat Middlings: A Useful Feed for Cattle

Winter Management of Feedlot Cattle


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File ECMAScript program 2002 Dakota Feeder Calf Show and Feedout - Experiencing the Feeding and Carcass Value of Calves
The results from the Dakota Feeder Calf Show and Feedout.
File PS document 2002 Biological and Economic Synergies of integrating Beef Cows and Field Crops
A look at economics behind raising both livestock and crops.
File application/x-troff-me 2002 Beefline Projects - Impacting the Producer at Home
A breakdown of some demonstration projects.
File ECMAScript program 2001 The Business of Feeding Cattle with Partnerships and Other Enterprise Structures
Covers the basic idea of feeding cattle under different types of enterprise structures.
File Octet Stream 2001 Production and Economic Factors Associated With Backgrounding Beef Calves in East-Central North Dakota
This article looks at the economics behind backgrounding cattle in this area.
File text/texmacs 2001 Potato Co-product in Diets for Growing and Finishing Steer Diets
A trial looking at different levels of potato co-products in cattle diets.
File 2001 Backgrounding/Feeding Seminars for Bankers and Cattle Feeders
A brief description of some seminar sessions that was for educational purposes.
File 2000 Sclerotinia-infected Sunflowers as a Feed Source for Pregnant and Non-pregnant Mature Beef Cows
This study was looking at feeding sclerotinia-infected sunflower screenings to cows to see if a viable feed source.
File 2000 Potato Co-Product as a Feed Source for Beef Cows and Feedlot Cattle
Some experiments looking at using potato co-products for cattle feed.
File ECMAScript program 2000 North Dakota Barley Feeders, LLLP Proposes to Add Value to ND Commodities
An investment group has been formed to feed cattle in existing yards across the state.
File 2000 Malting Barley Co-products or Wheat Midds in Corn-based Diets for Growing Yearling Steers
Comparing the use of malting barley to wheat midds in cattle diets.
File Troff document 2000 Identifying Fast Growing Genetics - NDWS Steer Classic Feedout Project
An update on feedout project's goal to identify superior genetics in cattle.
File 2000 Demonstration of Lignite Ash for Feedlot Surfaces - Project Update
An update on how lignite ash affects soil stability in feedlots.
File chemical/x-molconn-Z 2000 Closeout Performance of a North Dakota Cattle Feeding Club
How well a limited liability partnership feedlot did in its first year.
File 2000 A Recap on Two Years of Assessing Waste Management Systems for Livestock Operations
A look at the most common challenges that farms have had during on-farm visits.
File Troff document 1999 Identifying Calves with Superior Growth and Carcass Traits through a Feedout Contest
A contest to see which cosigned calves can do the best (via superior growth and traits).
File HTML 1999 Field Peas in Diets for Growing and Finishing Steer Calves
The results from a 1999 experiment at the Carrington Research Extension Center to test field peas in diets for growing and finishing steer calves.
File HTML 1999 Field Peas in Creep Feed for Beef Calves
The results from a 1999 experiment at the Carrington Research Extension Center to test field peas in creep feed for beef calves.
File 1999 Adding Value to Sprouted Grains through Feeding to Beef Cattle
A trial showing the results of using sprouted grains in feed rations compared to non-sprouted rations
File 1999 A New Project- Using Coal Combustion By-products for Feedlot Surface Stabilization
A trial looking at using lignite coal ash to protect the surface soil of feedlots during wet times.
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