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Weed Science

A collection of all weed science related agronomy files.
File 2017 Winter Rye in Soybeans: What You Need to Know
Guidelines for a rye and soybean cropping system.
File 2017 Soybean Dicamba Tolerance Varies by Variety
Soybean variety performance was compared to plant growth regulator (PGR) symptom severity.
File 2017 Cover Crop Safety following Wheat Herbicide Application
A study to determine which cover crops were safe to plant following wheat.
File 2017 An Update of Dicamba Drift Injury Thresholds for Dry Beans and Field Peas
Studies to determine how well visual injury after a drift event corresponds to yield loss and whether a tissue test can be used to predict yield damage.
File 2016 Soybean PRE Herbicide Effectiveness with Limited Water
A study to evaluate weed control using three soybean herbicides effected by delayed rain and to evaluate rotary hoeing as a substitute for rain activation.
File Troff document 2016 Field Pea and Dry Bean Injury due to Dicamba and Glyphosate Drift
Trials to measure the risk that dicamba and glyphosate drift pose to field pea and dry bean.
File 2016 Cover Crop Safety following Wheat Herbicide Applications
A study conducted to determine the potential risk of planing cover crops following a wheat cash crop treated with residual herbicides.
File 2015-2016 Canada Thistle Control Using the Rosette Technique
A field study was conducted during 2015-16 at the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center to re-examine control of Canada thistle using the rosette technique. In summary, the data indicate mowing followed by fall herbicide or summer- followed by fall-applied herbicide provided the highest level of Canada thistle suppression at the close of the second year of the trial.
File 2014 Weed Control with Zidua Herbicide in Soybean, Carrington
File 2014 Timing of Winter Rye Removal for Weed Control in Soybeans
Results of a 2014 study to evaluate weed control and soybean yields under different scenarios of removing rye.
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