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File PDF document 2019 Corn Silage Intercropping Summary
A trial was initiated in 2018 to begin screening possible companions to pair with corn. The focus of the pairing was legume crops. The goal of the research was to find combinations that could increase the potential silage tonnage and quality.
File 2018 Using Unmanned Aerial Systems for Site-specific Weed Management in Corn
The objective of this study was to use UAS imagery to map and quantify weed infestation in corn for site-specific weed management during the second herbicide application.
File Pascal source code 2018 Crop Rotation Effects on Corn with a Focus on Buckwheat as the Previous Crop
A study on the effects of crop rotation on corn with a focus on buckwheat as the previous crop.
File Octet Stream 2018 An Update to Corn Plant Populations in Central North Dakota
Corn plant populations update in central North Dakota.
File 2017 The Effect of Energy Beets in a Crop Rotation
A crop rotation study to evaluate how energy beets affect cropping systems in central North Dakota.
File 2017 Effect of Sulfur on Corn Yield and Agronomic Nitrogen Use Efficiency
A project to assess the magnitude of yield impact of S on corn in loam soils with high SOM and to verify if agronomic efficiency (AE) of N and S is improved by S fertilization.
File C source code 2016 An Overview of the UAS Research Program at the Carrington REC
An overview of UAS research at the Carrington REC.
File 2015 Soil Tillage Impact on Growth and Yields of Corn in Rotation with Energy Beet and Soybean
A project to assess the impact of energy beet as a preceding crop on corn yields.
File 2015 Influence of Relative Maturity on Corn Performance
In the last four years, five corn variety trials were planted (Carrington dryland and irrigated, Oakes dryland and irrigated, and Fingal dryland). Each trial has ranged in size from about 60 to 105 different hybrids, with maturity ranges from 75 to over 100 day relative maturity (RM), and each hybrid is grown four times (four replicates) in each trial. The trials provide information to evaluate trends in corn performance at different locations and across multiple years.
File 2015 Impact of Plant Establishment on Corn Production in Eddy, Foster and Wells Counties, 2013-15
The study’s main objective was to measure the yield response of late-emerging plants, plant doubles and plant skips compared to normally emerged and evenly spaced plants. This report summarizes highlights of the study conducted in Eddy, Foster and Wells counties using data from 10 commercial fields.
File 2014 Revision of Corn N
Dave Fransen's presentation from the Advanced Crop Advisors Workshop. This is a preview of summer 2014 revision of Corn N recommendations and N issues.
File D source code 2014 Impact of Corn Plant Establishment on Grain Yield
Results of a 2014 study to evaluate the impact of corn plant establishment on grain yield.
File C source code 2014 Evaluation of Irrigation on 2014 Crop Yields at the CREC
Irrigation effects on 2014 crop yields at the CREC.
File 2014 Corn Performance with Row Spacing and Fertilizer Placement, Carrington
File 2014 A Great Year for CREC Trials
A summary of 2014 variety trials at the CREC.
File ECMAScript program 2013 Plant Population Slides
The influence of plant population on corn performance handout given at the 2013 Carrington Research Extension Center Row Crop Tour.
File PDF document 2013 Herbicide Mode-of-action Demonstration
The results from a 2013 experiment at the Carrington Research Extension Center to demonstrate herbicide mode-of-actions.
File 2013 Evaluation of Irrigation Benefits on Crop Yields
Results from 2013 studies showing the benefits of irrigation on crop yields.
File 2013 CREC Annual Report of Research and Extension
File ECMAScript program 2013 CREC Annual Report Articles
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