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The Power of One - Faculty & Staff Campaign

NDSU Faculty & Staff Campaign

Faculty and staff are invited to participate in NDSU's 2012-2013 Faculty and Staff Campaign. Make an impact in your campus community and help make an NDSU education possible for deserving students. College rankings for grants, research projects and programs use faculty and staff participation ratings when determining our institutional rating. As NDSU's ratings increase, so does the value of the University!

You may make a gift to the college, department/school, scholarship, or other specific fund of your choosing.

If you prefer, here are some additional gift opportunities directly related to faculty and staff in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources; the NDSU Extension Service; the ND Agricultural Experiment Station; and the Northern Crops Institute.

Note: Please indicate your choice on the pledge card. "My gift is designated to the: ___________________________________."

Department/Schools/Academic Programs

Department/Schools/Academic Programs – Gifts may be designated to any of the academic departments/schools/programs: Agribusiness and Applied Economics, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Animal Sciences, Plant Pathology, Plant Sciences, School of Food Systems (Cereal and Food Sciences), School of Natural Resource Sciences (Entomology, Natural Resources Management, Range Science, Soil Science) and Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences.

Scholarship/Specific Funds – Gifts may also be designated to scholarship funds or other specific funds with the department/school. Check with your departmental/school office, then designate the fund name on your pledge form.

College Funds

The name of the fund is in italics. Please indicate a specific fund on the pledge form.

NDAC/ND Ag Constituency Fund - general fund for agriculture

Agriculture Faculty Staff Awards:

Larson/Yaggie Excellence in Research Award, Early Career

Eugene R. Dahl Excellence in Research Award, Senior Career

Earl and Dorothy Foster Excellence in Teaching Award, Early Career

H. Roald and Janet Lund Excellence in Teaching Award, Senior Career

William J. and Angelyn A. Austin Advising Award for Excellence

Myron and Muriel Johnsrud Excellence in Extension Award, Early Career

AGSCO Excellence in Extension Award, Senior Career

Charles and Linda Moses Professional Staff Award for Excellence

Donald and Jo Anderson Clerical Staff Award for Excellence

Rick and Jody Burgum Technical Staff Award for Excellence

General College Scholarships - Gifts may be designated to a specific college scholarship fund. Contact the Dean's Office (Morrill 315) for a list, then indicate a specific scholarship fund on your pledge form.

Extension Fund

Extension Service - general fund for the NDSU Extension Service

Rural Leadership North Dakota Program

Ag Communication Fund

Agriculture Communication - general fund for Agriculture Communication

NCI Fund

NCI Gift Fund - general fund for the Northern Crops Institute

To request a campaign brochure, pledge card or additional information, please contact one of the following campaign volunteers:

Agribusiness and Applied Economics - Dave Saxowsky
Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering - Shafiqur Rahman
Agriculture Communication - Linda McCaw
Animal Sciences - David Newman
School of Food Systems - Cliff Hall
Entomology - Marion Harris
Plant Pathology - Jack Rasmussen
Plant Sciences - Harlene Hatterman-Valenti or Deying Li
Soil Science - Marilyn Geiszler
Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences/
Veterinary Diagnostic Lab - Tom Gustad
Northern Crops Institute - Linda Briggs
Extension Service - Patti Sebesta
Agriculture Administration - Patti Sebesta