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Practical Ways for Teens to Confront Bullying Daily

When it comes to empowering bystanders, simply telling teens to “get an adult” is not enough. Instead, give them a toolbox of practical ways they can confront bullying when they witness it. It’s also useful to give them some insight on how to live their life in a way that prevents bullying. Here are six things bystanders can do on a daily basis.

Youth on Phone (http://bullying.about.com/od/Schools/fl/5-Practical-Ways-for-Teens-to-Confront-Bullying-Daily.htm)“Don’t be a follower.” Bullies love an audience. So teens need to be sure they are not the person sitting at the lunch table or in the classroom laughing when a bully makes fun of someone else.  They also should not join in or contribute to bullying with their own comments or actions.

Instead, they should walk away or voice their disapproval. And regardless of how bad teens want to fit in or be popular, they should never compromise their authenticity. Giving in to peer pressure and bullying someone is not an effective way to build healthy friendships.  Instead, what they will end up with are bullies, fake friends and mean girls in their social circle.

“Don’t share, like or comment on posts that are mean.” Many times, bullies engage in cyberbullying, slut-shaming or name-calling online. Other times, kids will use the Internet and social media to exploit bullying incidents at school by sharing videos of bullying that occurred at school. Kids need to realize that liking, sharing or commenting on these posts are only adding to the humiliation of the target. It also can impact their online reputation. As a result, they should avoid rude or mean posts at all costs.

“Start a kindness movement.” When it comes to bullying, it is not enough to be against it.  Instead, kids need to find a way to make it cool to be kind or nice to others. For instance, the Mean Stinks campaign has a program where teens tweet nice comments, quotes or advice for others to see. Then, they tag it with #NiceAdvice.

Kids need to realize how much power they have to influence the culture within their school.

“Hold friends accountable.”

“Live a life of empathy.”

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