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Deb Johnson - July 5, 2016, first day at work.

Open House for Deb Johnson FNP EFNEP Nutrition Assistant - July 29

The Burleigh County Extension staff wants to invite you to attend an open house at the Extension office in the 4-H building.

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Pesticide Disposal Program logo from the ND Depart. of Ag (http://www.nd.gov/ndda/program/project-safe-send).

Project Safe Send: Pesticide Disposal Program

Project Safe Send helps North Dakotans legally dispose of unusable pesticides. This program is safe, simple and free. More than 9,200 people have brought in over 4.1 million pounds of pesticides since the program's start in 1992.

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Image:  Powdery Mildew on Pumpkin Leaves by Jeff Kubina, www.flickr.com

Powdery Mildew on Plants

Are you starting to see powder on your plants? The powder can be seen as white to gray blotches or spots on the leaves, stems, or buds of the plant. Powdery mildew is a common fungal disease found on several plants from lilacs to squash.

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image:  Storm Damaged Tree

Accessing Tree Damage

With the recent serve storms that have moved through the area this past weekend, many individuals experienced tree damage. Before writing off a damaged tree as a goner, ask yourself the following questions:

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comfort a small girl

Ideas for Helping Children Deal with Stress Related to Violence or Terrorism

The occurrence of recent shootings has adults concerned and children fearful. How can adults help children deal with stress related to such violence or terrorism?

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Leafy Spurge image

Leafy Spurge in Full Swing

As driving throughout the state you might be seeing along the roadside an abundance of a yellow flowering Leafy Spurge. Leafy Spurge is a listed state noxious weed and must be controlled. Leafy spurge was once the most difficult noxious weed to control in North Dakota and infests all 53 counties. Scientists at the North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC) recognized leafy spurge could be a problem soon after it was first identified in the state, growing along a Fargo street in 1909. However, the plant was not added to the state noxious weed list until 1935, when leafy spurge was found growing in all but 10 counties. The largest single infestation at that time was estimated to be 193 acres in Foster County.

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sad dog

Tick Detection and Removal on Your Pets

It is important to check pets regularly for ticks during the spring and summer. Since ticks can feed anywhere on the body, run your fingers through the animal’s coat, feeling for ticks over the entire body. The size of a tick can vary greatly depending on how long it has been attached. Fully blood fed ticks can expand to the size of a grape.

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Family Succulent Gardening - June 25

Family Succulent Gardening Class (Postponed)

Come join us at Plant Perfect on June 25th for Family Succulent Gardening. You and your family will create a succulent garden, learn how to care for one, and of course have fun picking out plants and designing your garden.

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AE-1520 Tips for Saving Energy & Money for Renters

Renter's Insurance

In addition to the great tips below, you may find that "Tips for Saving Energy and Money for Renters" publication useful as you settle into a place for the summer. A fellow NDSU Extension Agent wrote a publication as quoted below that printed in the Sargent County Teller in May 2015. It was so informative we wanted to ensure Burleigh County residents have the opportunity to learn from her experience as her son finds his own place to live this summer.

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tick before and after feeding

Reduce the Likelihood of Tick Interaction

With the warm up we are starting to see all sorts of creepy crawlies come out. One that often has people feeling the heebie jeebies is ticks. These eight legged arthropods feed on the blood of animals and humans and are responsible for transmitting many different diseases such as Lyme Disease.

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