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Scout for Weeds

County Agent News
Dan Folske
August 12, 2019

Scout for Weeds

            As the crop is maturing late season weeds are popping up and are very visible. Watch for rapidly growing weeds above the crop canopy and around the drowned out areas. Watch especially for pigweed type plants. Both Waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth are in the same family as common Redroot Pigweed. Both can get quite large but the Palmer often gets over six feet in height.

            A key factor in differentiating waterhemp or palmer amaranth from redroot pigweed is the absence  of hairs on the stems. Redroot pigweed has short dense hairs on the stem. Waterhemp and palmer amaranth do not. Another key is the seed heads which are branched on redroot pigweed and unbranched on waterhemp and palmer.

             Palmer amaranth has leaf petioles which are as long or longer than the leaf. It may or may not have spiny bracts at the leaf junction.

            If you see palnts which yo9u suspect may be waterhemp or palmer amaranth give me or your local agronomist a call. Early detection gives you a chance at stopping these weeds.

Waterhemp          Palmer Amaranth

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