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Dandelion Wine! Or Not!

County Agent News
Dan Folske
September 9, 2019


Dandelion Wine! Or Not!

            While a few people want those dandelion blossoms for wine and a few people enjoy the greens in their salads, most people just want them out of their yards!  Every spring I get lots of calls about controlling dandelions in lawns, campgrounds, parks, and fields. There are a few decent options in fields if you don’t have to worry about carryover and crop rotations but 2,4-D, dicamba, and premixes containing them like Trimec are the only viable options for those lawns, parks, and similar areas. And even they can be tough on desirable plants while being only somewhat effective on the dandelions in the spring.


The real key to dandelion and other perennial weed control is fall application. The dandelions are not blooming so homeowners and park goers are not noticing them but they are there and are in an important part of their life cycle. As these plants prepare for winter and next spring’s early growth they are storing nutrients in their root system. Spraying with Trimec, Weed-B-Gone, or similar products can be very effective now as the plant will translocate those herbicides deep into its root system.

            The timing is perfect right now! It’s also a great time to apply fertilizer to your lawn to help get it off to a great start next year.

            Always read and follow all label directions when using any herbicide. Remember, if a little is good, a lot is not always better!


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