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“All Around the Farm”

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“All Around the Farm”
Dan Folske
May 25, 2015

            We dodged the frost bullet last week and fortunately had a slow warm up to help keep crusting to a minimum. With more direct seeding and no-till these days crusting is not as big a worry as it was in the past but is can still be a problem. Even the relatively slow and gentle rains last weekend can also wash soil from the ridges between the rows down into the furrows effectively increasing the seeding depth. Producers need to keep an eye on fields seeded prior to the rains to monitor for potential emergence problems. If you have poor emergence talk to your insurance agent ASAP. While it is still plenty early enough to finish planting or replant today. If you wait another week and then get caught with rain which keeps you out of the field a few days it can quickly become too late to replant.

            We are now past the last average frost date so it is time to get those tomatoes, peppers, and other sensitive plants transplanted outdoors; but keep an eye on the weather—frost can still happen!

            Cattlemen moving pairs to pasture may want to consider a magnesium supplement in their mineral mix, especially if you have crested wheat grass in your pastures. Grazing rapidly growing, lush crested wheat grass can bring on a nutritional imbalance known as “grass tetany”. A “high mag” mineral supplement may save you a cow or two.

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