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Private Pesticide Recertification & Soybean FAQ (part 3)

Private Pesticide Recertification & Soybean FAQ (part 3)

County Agent News
Dan Folske
March 13, 2017

Private Pesticide Recertification

            If you need to recertify your private applicators certification and were not able to attend thePesticide Logorescheduled meeting last week you may still attend the session scheduled for March 22nd. This training will be held at the Burke County Courthouse Community Room from 9:00AM to noon. If you cannot attend that day please give me a call at the NDSU Extension Office/Burke County ASAP (ph.701-377-1133).  If the 22nd does not work for several of you I will try to schedule another meeting. I will be out of town March 28th to March 31st so I will not have a “Very Last Chance” meeting on the 31st.

            You always have the option of coming into the office and taking a short open book exam.


Soybean FAQs (part 3)

Can I plant a 1.5 RM (relative maturity) soybean variety?

Bag of SoybeanYou could but your chances of getting mature, harvestable, marketable beans would be very small. Soybean begin flowering when the length of darkness becomes long enough as the days become shorter. A later maturity (higher RM number) needs a longer night before it begins flowering. Planting a longer maturity variety earlier in the season will increase the amount of vegetative growth prior to flowering but will not cause it to flower earlier in the season. After flowering begins, a soybean plant needs to accumulate a minimum number of growing degree days or heat units for seeds to mature. Soybean cultivars with RMs of 00.0 up to 0.5 are generally recommended for our area. Last year we had a touch of frost very early but then the killing frosts stayed away well past the average killing frost and temperatures were well aboe normal allowing some 0.9 RM beans to mature and dry down. Planting beans with an RM over 1.0 would be extremely risky.

Are earlier RM beans more tolerant of frost?

            No, frost tolerance is independent of RM. Although a lower RM soybean will start flowering earlier and is more likely to have mature seed at an earlier date in the fall.

So why does earlier planting result in better yields if planting date doesn’t affect flowering date?

More vegetative growth before it begins flowering means more flowers on a plant and greater yield.

Does that mean I should plant a later/higher RM cultivar if I can’t plant until June?

A later RM would get more vegetative growth before flowering but also would have a higher chance of a damaging frost in the fall prior to maturity since it is flowering later.


When is a soybean plant considered mature?

            The R8 stage is defined as 95% of the pods on the plant having reached the mature color and is called full maturity. Physiological maturity is the point where maximum seed dry weight is reached.


Are the soybeans ready to harvest at the R8 stage?

            No, they still need to dry down.


When should I start harvesting?

            The normally recommended harvest moisture is 13%. Any moisture level above that dramatically reduces allowable storage time and increase the chances of mold in the stored crop. Moisture levels above 13% will usually have shrink and drying discounts applied when marketed. Lower moisture contents will increase shatter loss when harvesting. If you plan to store soybeans longer than six months the moisture should be down to 11%. That means you will have to dry them in the bin or accept more shatter loss in the field.





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