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Local Leadership Workshop Scheduled, Soybean FAQs & Private Applicator Training

Local Leadership Workshop Scheduled, Soybean FAQs & Private Applicator Training

County Agent News
Dan Folske
February 27, 2017


Local Leadership Workshop Scheduled

            I have set up a “Lead Local” workshop for April 6th,  9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Community Lead LocalCenter in Lignite. The workshop is led by the NDSU Extension Service Center for Community Vitality.

            The workshop will provide training for aspiring, elected, and appointed leaders serving on boards, councils and committees.

            Topics include Parliamentary procedure, Understanding different personality styles and how they can work together effectively, Recognizing the components of an effective meeting, and others.

            The workshop is open to anyone, serving or interested on serving, on township boards, city councils, school boards,church councils and Boards of Directors for cooperatives, fairs, and other organizations.

            The cost is $65 per person and includes materials, lunch, and breaks


For more information or to register, contact the NDSU Extension Service/Burke
County office in Bowbells. PH 701-377-2927 or email dan.folske@ndsu.edu


Soybean FAQs

Soybeans            Soybean acreage continues to increase across northwestern North Dakota. This year one big hurdle for Burke County producers has changed and soybeans are now an insurable crop.

If you are thinking about soybeans here are a few Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need a row crop planter?

            No, producers have been successfully planting soybeans with a wide variety of drills and air seeders for years.

What is the best row spacing?

            Research has shown yield advantages for 12 to 18 inch row spacing over other row widths but both narrower and wider will work. Wider row spacings do not canopy as quickly and may have later season weed problems. Narrow row (solid seeding) may have more disease problems if conditions are wet during the growing season. I recommend using the equipment you have regardless of row spacing if you are trying soybeans for the first time or hire your planting done rather than spending big dollars on a crop you are not sure if you will continue to grow.

Will soybeans grow on saline ground?

            Soybeans are very sensitive to salt and will not do well on saline soils.

When should I plant them?

            Early May or when soil temperatures reach 50F. Earlier seeding dates consistently out yield late May or June seeding dates.

What is the best seeding rate?

            Plant stands of 150,000 at harvest seem to be the optimum. Higher plant populations are more likely to lodge or have foliar disease issues. Lower seeding rates tend to have more erratic stands, especially if crusting is a problem. Lower plant stands also tend to have more weed problems. The average field loses about 10% of its plant population between emergence and harvest. You also need to figure in your seed germination rate. A 95% germination rate and 10% death loss would mean you need to plant about 175,000 seeds to have 150,000 plants at harvest.


Do soybeans need to be rolled even if I don’t have rocks?

            Unless you have a very smooth field and are using a flex head for harvest I would say yes. The lowest pods on a soybean plant are very close to the ground. The furrows left from a hoe type opener can be enough to cause substantial harvest losses.


Watch for more Soybean FAQs next week.


Private Pesticide Applicator Training

            The first private applicator training in Burke County for 2017 is scheduled for March 7th at 9:00am at the Burke County Courthouse. If you pesticide certification is expiring you may renew it by attending training. If you are a new applicator or if your certification is expired you will have to take an open book test following the training. Contact the Extension office at 701-377-2927 for more information.


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