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Burke County Fair & Project Safe Send

Burke County Fair & Project Safe Send

County Agent News
Dan Folske
June 9, 2014

Burke County Fair

            It’s fair week!  Most things are ready to go but we are still looking for more volunteers to help monitor the kids on the inflatables. If you plan to be at the fairgrounds and would be willing to help, even for short periods, I would appreciate it.

Also please note the article in this edition about the ranch rodeo being canceled. There will still be plenty of action in the grandstand on Saturday as we will be running another class of car racing in place of the ranch rodeo.

Come and join us Sunday morning for worship services with a sermon by Linda Anderson and music by Ron Nelson and Stan Anderson.

Make it a special Father’s Day outing with Barbequed Ribs served by Okies’ Ribs from Kenmare (Dad eats free!) followed by “Voices on the Prairie”. This year’s contestants range in age from 12 to 60 and come from across the region, both North Dakota and Canada.

Major sponsors of this event include State Bank & Trust of Kenmare, and First National Bank & Trust of Crosby.

For further information about the fair check out our web page http://www.burkecountynd.com/bcfair.htm Or give us a call at 701-377-2927 (office) or 701-339-1133 (cell).


Project Safe Send

            Old and unusable pesticides are a problem. They are often found in homes, garages, shops, and other old buildings. Many of them are poisoness and can be harmful to the environment and can leach into groundwater if not disposed of properly. They can also be an additional hazard to firefighters when responding to a fire emergency.

            Each year the North Dakota Department of Ag coordinates Project Safe Send. Project Safe Send provides several sites across the state where producers and homeowners can bring old or unusable pesticides to be collected and properly disposed of.

This year one of the sites will be here in Bowbells at the state highway department facility on the northwest corner of town. July 15th is the date to mark your calendars for. Take some time between now and then to check your basements, garages, storage buildings, and anywhere else you may have something sitting around, including under your kitchen sink. If you have usable pesticides, the best way to dispose of them is to use them according to the label or give them to someone who can, but if you have pesticides which are no longer legal to use or which are unusable due to deterioration of the chemical or the container Project Safe Send is the perfect way to get them off of your hands.

Remember that the term pesticides does not just refer to insecticides. Pesticides include herbicides (weed killers), fungicides (for stopping plant diseases, molds, and fungi), insecticides (bug killers), and rodenticides (gopher, mouse, and rat poisons).

If you have pesticides with deteriorating or leaking containers please contact Jeremiah Lien, Pesticide Outreach Specialist, ND Department of Agriculture,Phone:701-328-1504 or (800) 242-7535 or Email: jjlien@nd.gov

Project Safe Send does not accept paint.

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