Building Connections on Home on the Range

Home on the Range (HOTR) is a treatment facility located in Western North Dakota. It is a facility that houses adolescents ages 10 - 18 with a diagnosis form the DSM-IV. Teens are at the facility for a variety of reasons such as drugs/alcohol, running away from home, unruly behavior, school or family problems and behavior problems. Teens come from North Dakota and bordering states including teens from reservations. HOTR has collaborated with Building Connections to provide youth 4-H activities, support and educational opportunities to youth and their families.

Building Connections on Home on the Range focuses on the process of keeping families connected, providing families with the resources needed, empowering teens and families with opportunities through education. There are a series of educational, resource-based newsletters to aid families as a whole through this journey.

  • 4-H Activities

    • Technology (computer use, digital cameras, GPS)

    • Basic Living Skills (cooking)

    • Horseback Riding

    • Fishing

    • Outdoor Skills

  • Activities Include

    • Experiential Learning

    • Skill Building

    • Self-Efficiency

    • Self Esteem


Home On The Range

Home On The Range Mission Statement:  
"Service to children and families, leadership in the child care field, and conviction to make a healthier and stronger world, characterize the philosophy of Home On The Range."
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