Welcome to the NDSU Biomass Inventory Project

North Dakota has the opportunity to be a leading provider of biomass. To assist potential developers NDSU has developed a searchable inventory of biomass in the state. Click on the tabs at the left to find biomass quantities by either geographic location or type.

The NDSU Biomass Inventory project was created and prepared by:

Tatiana Miljkovic
Lecturer, Department of Statistics
Waldron 201 - Bolley Drive
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Phone: (701) 231-7532
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Dr. Cole R. Gustafson
Co-Director, BioEnergy and Products Innovation Center
Professor, Agribusiness and Applied Economics
NDSU Dept 7610, PO Box 6050
628 Barry Hall
811 2nd Ave. N.
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
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Webmaster: Alex Radermacher

This project was funded by the North Dakota Office of Renewable Engery & Energy Efficiency, North Dakota Department of Commerce through grant support by the United States Department of Energy, Grant Number DE-FG26-07NT43202.


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