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Mission and Vision


The North Dakota State University Bio Energy and Product Innovation Center (BioEPIC) offers stakeholders a single site within NDSU for reliable, high-quality, targeted research, Extension, education and technology transfer related to biomass production, harvesting, transportation, and development of technologies, products and processes utilizing biomass and other biological feedstocks. BioEPIC helps communities become sustainable through the production of renewable energy and bio-based products. The Center assists individuals and industry explore and commercialize opportunities for bio-energy and bio-products through the use of economic, marketing and feasibility studies. NDSU has the demonstrated capacity to provide integrated biological, physical and social solutions in the biomass/bioenergy/bioproducts arena.


A future where North Dakota is a leader in the development of renewable energy and biobased products.


The Center will provide North Dakota and the surrounding region with comprehensive, coordinated and collaborative resources in research, technology, Extension and education, leading to the economic viability of biomass and bioproducts to ensure a sustainable, healthy environment.


The Center’s objectives are to develop emerging technologies, coordinate research strategies and activities, utilize biomass resource streams to reduce waste and increase efficiency, energize business and industry investment in biomass and bioproducts, stimulate student interest and learning in the biobased economy, and help revitalize communities. 


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