North Dakota State University
Central Grasslands Research Center
Streeter, North Dakota 58483

Position: Rangeland Research Technician

Duration: Approximately Early June to August, 2010

Job Description:

The job will consist primarily of field work conducted on research trials at the Center. Assist plant scientist and other personnel in collecting data and repairing and maintaining facilities and equipment. Sample forage production and utilization. Identify plant species using vegetative characteristics. Monitor changes in frequency, density and basal cover of each plant species. Sample soil water using neutron moisture meter. Other duties as assigned.


Ability to pay close attention to detail; tolerance of repetitive work; mature, responsible, ability to work independently. Interest in identifying plant species using vegetative characteristics is essential. Applicants should have some knowledge of plant taxonomy and an interest in plant ecology and range research. Some college level course work in botany, range management or a related field is required.

Salary: $10.00 per hour. Housing will be provided.

Note: One to three hours of college credit is available through NDSU for this work experience. Students interested in receiving credit through their own university should discuss this with their advisor

To Apply: Send letter stating qualifications, resume, relevant course list and three references to:

Bob D. Patton, Assistant Range Scientist
Central Grasslands Research Extension Center
4824 48th Ave. SE
Streeter, ND 58483

For more information call: (701) 424-3606

Fax: (701) 424-3616

e-mail: bpatton@ndsuext.nodak.edu.