Central Grasslands Research Extension Center(CGREC)



 Coteau region is "Red River Valley" of livestock production

The Central Grasslands Research Extension Center (CGREC) was established in 1977 by the passage of HB 1528. The legislated mandate in HB1528 was "....to fulfill those research needs which cannot be accomplished at any presently existing experimental facility, because of peculiar types of grasses, soils, precipitation, and climate, there is hereby established a centrally located North Dakota beef cattle experiment station within an area bounded by the Missouri River on the west and the James River on the east". This area, known as the Coteau area of North Dakota, extends from Divide and Burke counties in North Western North Dakota in a southeasterly direction through Dickey county. This area contains 5 million acres (40%) of the state's rangeland where 42% of the state's livestock is raised on 38% of the state's farms.

Research tailored to meet the area's needs

Scientists fre CGREC, other departments at NDSU and other state and federal agencies are studying or have recently completed studies in the following areas.

 Significance of Grassland Research to North Dakota

  Future Goals and Objectives