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Study Methods

Expected Results


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Interaction of Simulated Drought and Grazing on Mixed Grass Prairie
Don Kirby, Wendi Rogers (Graduate Student), Paul Nyren, Bob Patton

Expected Results

Drought is a recurring event on the grasslands of the Great Plains. It creates short and long-term losses in forage and livestock production. Initially we will study the effects of controlled drought on moderately (proper) grazed rangeland. We will note changes in community production, structure and function and relate these to potential ecological and economic gains or losses. This community will also be examined to determine how quickly ecological and economic functioning of a properly grazed drought stricken plant community occurs. Future research will be conducted using like methods to examine poorly managed grazing (overgrazed) practices as a contrast to the present study.

Dr. Donald Kirby
Animal and Range Science Department
North Dakota State University
Box 5727 State University Station
Fargo, ND 58105