Director's Comments
Paul E. Nyren

I would like to take this opportunity to greet readers of the CGREC 1999 Annual Grass-n-Beef Report. I hope you find this report as enjoyable and educational to read as we have found it to prepare. While it is our mission to conduct research that will benefit the producers in the Coteau region of North Dakota we believe that the presence of this Research Extension Center is an opportunity to bring the expertise of other disciplines at the University to bear on the problems of the Coteau region. In this report we have strived to not only report the work that is conducted at the CGREC by NDSU scientists and those from other agencies but to include research in the areas of range and livestock from other research centers and the Fargo Campus. In addition, we have invited papers from researchers working in such areas as climate change and social issues that also have a profound effect on the quality of life in the Coteau region of North Dakota. We hope that this document with its wide distribution of nearly 40,000 copies will act as a forum for those working to improve the science of the range and livestock industry as well as those seeking new information on these subjects.

In the State of the University address Dr. Joseph Chapman spoke about the need to develop a technology park on the NDSU campus. It is expected that this facility will utilize the expertise and developments of the campus faculty to benefit economic development for the state and region. In many ways each of the research extension centers are small technology parks which research new agricultural commodities and technologies to bring economic development to the region they serve and to the state as a whole.> Later in this report you will read articles on research conducted by graduate students working at CGREC on studies which are part of their requirements for a MS degree from NDSU. Some of these projects are made possible by the funding of a new initiative by the 1999 Legislature that appropriated state funds to assist with these projects. A full explanation of this initiative and the projects accompanies these reports. Those of us working at the CGREC are constantly looking for additional ways to assist the residents of the Coteau region of North Dakota. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments about our work or problems that you think we might be able to help you solve. If we are unable to assist you we may be able to contact someone who has worked in this area, or we may want to start a project which will address your needs.

This annual report is the product of many hours of dedicated work by many people. This kind of effort is not accomplished in an eight-to-five day. This program is accomplished by people who are willing to stay until the work is done, and who take a personal interest in the job which goes beyond just the paycheck. These people have a love for the industry and the region that gives them the initiative to keep going when the glamor has worn off and the day is long. This report is dedicated to these individuals and to those who have gone before us and set the stage for future accomplishments in the areas of resource management.

Paul E. Nyren, Director
Central Grasslands Research Extension Center
4824 48th Ave SE
Streeter, ND 58483

NDSU Central Grasslands Research Extension Center

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