Table of Contents for the 2005 CGREC Grass and Beef Annual Report


CGREC Progress Report

Overview of Research and Development at Central Grasslands Research Extension Center in 2005

Total Monthly Precipitation at CGREC for the 2004-2005 Crop Year

Average Monthly Temperatures at CGREC for the 2004-2005 crop year

2005 Soil Water Data to 2.5 Feet on Silty Range Sites

Livestock Management

   Evaluating Beef Cow Performance: Comparing Crested Wheatgrass/legume, Big Bluestem, and Foxtail Millet in Swath Grazing.

   The Use of Ethanol By-Products in First-Calf Heifer and Steer Finishing Rations

Development of a Whole-Ranch Management System and Range Monitoring Program

   Livestock Management in a Whole-Enterprise Management System

   Rangeland Monitoring: Seventeen Indicators of Rangeland Health

Range and Natural Resources Management

   Basic Plant and Soil Process Measurements for Range Ecosystem Modeling and Management—Updates for 2005

   Evaluation of Ecosystem Services Provided by the Coteau Rangeland of North Dakota

   Grazing Effects on the Mixed-Grass Prairie Seed Bank in the Coteau Region of North Dakota

   Long-Term Ecological Grazing Intensity Research in the Missouri Coteau of North Dakota

   Monitoring Rangeland Health

   Plant Responses to Different Grazing Intensities in the Missouri Coteau of North Dakota

Coteau Area Natural Resources

   Autumn on the Coteau–The Big Picture