long term ecological and sustainable agriculture research

Table of Contents for the 2004 CGREC Grass and Beef Annual Report


CGREC Progress Report:Research Tailored to Meet Regional Needs
2004 Soil Water to 2.5 feet on Silty Range Sites
Total Monthly Precipitation at CGREC for the 2003-2004 Crop Year
Average Monthly Temperatures (F°) at CGREC for the 2003-2004 Crop Year


Range and Natural Resource Management
Long Term Production on Marginal, Highly Erodible Lands
Long-Term Ecological Grazing Intensity Research in the Missouri Coteau of North Dakota
Vegetation Response to Grazing Intensities on Mixed-Grass Prairie in the Coteau Region of North Dakota
Grazing effects on the Seed Bank of Rangeland in the Coteau Region of North Dakota
Impacts of Land Use on Soil Quality in the Missouri Coteau
How Does Cattle Grazing Affect the Growth of Grass Leaves? Preliminary Report
Basic Plant and Soil Process Measurements for Range Ecosystem Modeling and Management
A Five-Year Study of Fertilization of Extremely Grazed and Moderately Grazed Mixed-Grass Prairie with Slow-Release Phosphorus and Urea
Switchgrass: On-farm Biomass Yields in the Northern Great Plains


Livestock Research
The Effects of Implants on the Performance of Yearling Heifers Under Different Grazing Intensities
The Use of Ethanol By-Products in First-Calf Heifer and Steer Finishing Rations


Coteau Area Natural Resources and Events
Resources of the Missouri Coteau Region of North Dakota
The Long Days of Summer on the Coteau
Estimating the Economic Impact of Nature Tourists

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