Table of Contents for the 2003 CGREC Grass and Beef Annual Report



CGREC Progress Report
North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN)
Total Monthly Precipitation at CGREC for the 2002-2003 Crop Year
Average Monthly Temperatures (F°) at CGREC for the 2002-2003 Crop Year

Range and Natural Resource Management

CRP Marginal Land: Production and Economics Report
Interaction of Simulated Drought and Grazing on Rangeland
Fertilization of Extremely Grazed and Moderately Grazed Mixed-Grass Prairie with Slow Release Phosphorus and Urea
Soil Health in Relation to Grazing
Plant Eco-physiology, Range Ecosystem Modeling and Management
Plant Water Relations and Gas Exchange in a Grassland with Cattle Grazing in the Missouri Coteau Of North Dakota
Wetlands – Functions and Values

Forage and Livestock Research

Switchgrass – A Biomass Energy Crop for the Midwest
Forage Production and Quality in 2003: Impacts on Livestock Performance
Economic Value of Leptin Genotyping of Cattle: Research Update
Effects of Including Flax in Creep Feed on Performance, Health, and Carcass Characteristics: Progress report

Coteau Area Natural Resources and Events

The “Rights” of Spring on the Missouri Coteau
We are of the Coteau: Centennial Events

NDSU Central Grasslands Research Extension Center