Artist Patsy Renz grew up on a ranch north of Sentinel Butte in the Badlands of North Dakota. She has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Renz was motivated at age six to pursue her artistic talents when she overheard praise of a neighboring child’s drawing and thought, "She’s not that good. I’ll show them I can be better."

A self-taught artist, Patsy’s favorite subjects are wild animals. Not one to "follow the rules" of "proper" drawing and painting, Renz spent many youthful hours watching animals to see how their muscles moved and how light changed as the animals moved. Always an artist, she is constantly observing the elements of lighting and color in every scene.

While working at Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Patsy began drawing birds for their publications and as a way to learn to identify birds on the Refuge. Patsy Renz can be reached at Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge (Moffit, ND 58560; 701-387-4397; patsy_renz@ where she is Office Automation Clerk.


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