Weather Data for the 1999-2000 Crop Year At Central Grasslands Research Extension Center

The Winter of 1999-2000 was unusually mild and dry. November through March had temperatures well above the long-term average. The growing season months April, May and July also had above average temperatures with June being cooler than average.

Precipitation was 2.41 inches less than the long-term average. Snowfall for the period was 23.5 inches. However precipitation was average for the growing season in April, May and July. June and August had below normal precipitation.

The CGREC produces all of the forage for the research herd. Despite the below-average precipitation, the hay production was good due to above-average precipitation in the fall of 1999. First cuttings of hay yielded an average of 1.75 tons per acre. Second cuttings averaged one ton per acre.

The CGREC maintains a spring calving research herd and a fall calving herd. In March 2000, 72 fall calves were weaned. Average actual weaning weight was 538 lb. Weight gain per day averaged 2.56 lb. The average age at weaning was 211 days. A total of 293 calves were weaned from the spring herd and averaged 541 lb. The average age at weaning was 184 days.

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