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Value for Your Money

How Children Use Money

Children, like adults, usually have many opportunities for spending money. The trick, of course, is to spend money wisely on the goods and services that will help them reach their goals. Children need experiences that will teach them consumer skills, such as how to shop, what features to look for, how to get information on a product, how to complain and how to make decisions about whatto buy and when to buy it.

Some guides for helping children spend their money are given below. You may think of others that are appropriate for your family and the other children with whom you interact.

Other Activities -- Decision-making and Consumer Skills

Numerous brochure and other consumer information, including consumer complaint forms, are available at the attorney generals Web site at

Call the attorney generals office toll-free in North Dakota at (800) 472-2600 or (701) 328-3404 in the Bismarck-Mandan area.

For more information, the following publications are available from your county office of the NDSU Extension Service:

FE-260, Credit - Using It Wisely
FE-247, Money in Our Children's Hands
FE-445, Family Records: What to Keep, Where and For How Long
FE-446, Inventory of Important Family Records
FE-451, What To Look For In A Financial Professional

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See your county extension agent for more money management information and other family economics programs. 

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