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A newsletter for parents of kindergarten children from the North Dakota State University Extension Service

School Days

Welcome to Parenting Pipeline.

Parents want to help their children build self-esteem, develop creativity and reach physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential. This newsletter will help you better understand your kindergartner. It will be distributed each month of the school year.

School has the same importance to a child's life that a job has to an adult's. School is where children spend a large portion of their time. It's where failures and achievements are measured in structured ways and where children are compared to each other.

Stress comes from facing the first day, from being in a system that challenges too much or too little, and from dealing with adults (teachers) who are not very well known. Peer and parental expectations can add pressures, too. How can you help?

What about failures? Sooner or later every child will fail to measure up to someone's standards -- teachers', parents' or peers'. Maybe your child will forget lines in the school play or wet her pants in school. Any failure or disappointment hurts. Here are ideas to help your child (and yourself) through these times:

An enjoyable, successful first year of school can set the stage for 12 more of the same and a positive attitude toward education for a lifetime.

Kindergarten vs. Primary Grades

Kindergarten is a child's first formal schooling experience. It should be a fun time! Your child is learning to relate to many new people and experiences.

Kindergarten is not the same as first grade. Kindergartners are very different from first-graders and should not be experiencing too much structure and stress. Kindergartners learn best from being involved in their learning and from being allowed to explore their environment. They do not learn best from many workbooks and worksheets.

Being aware of these differences will help you understand the kindergarten experience. It will also help you support and encourage your child in the most appropriate manner for her age.

This newsletter is published for North Dakota families with kindergarten children by the NDSU Extension Service and distributed through your county extension office. See your extension agent for more parenting information and other home economics programs.

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