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Parenting Pipeline


A newsletter for parents of kindergarten children from the North Dakota State University Extension Service

What Can I Expect?

Kindergarten children come to school with very different backgrounds and personalities. Yet despite this diversity, they often share certain characteristics.

A child entering kindergarten will probably:

Physically, most kindergartners will be:

Socially and emotionally, a child in kindergarten will probably:

You can help meet the developmental needs of your child by encouraging participation in selected activities. Let your child:

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Knowing what to expect at this stage of development is important. Kindergarten classrooms, parent-child communications, discipline methods and any activities your child is a part of need to be appropriate for her stage of development.

As your child grows and changes, your parenting style can adjust to these changes to provide the best possible atmosphere for you and your child. Many resources on this topic are available. Call your county extension office for more information.

This newsletter is published for North Dakota families with kindergarten children by the NDSU Extension Service and distributed through your county extension office. See your extension agent for more parenting information and other home economics programs.

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