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Getting Money

Sources of Money

Everything you want to do seems to cost money. Snacks, movies and tapes all take money. Most families don’t have enough money for everything they would like. To learn how to take care of money, you need money. So where do you get it?

Your parents probably give you most of your money. They either wait until you ask for it or they give it to you as an allowance. You also may earn some money or get it as gifts.


One source of money for you is an allowance. Because this is a major source for people your age, a whole issue of “Kids and Money” is written about it. This issue will talk about other ways of getting money.

Earning Money

You may not need a job if an allowance pays for all the things you want. But as you get older, you may want to earn extra money.

What can someone your age do to earn extra money? A few ways might be doing housework, mowing lawns, shoveling snow or doing yard work. Finding work may be harder if you live in the country, but you still can help people with yard work, gardens or household chores. Collecting aluminum cans is another possibility.

Don’t get too money-hungry. Your job should not be more important than school work, some free time and lots of rest.

Getting Money as a Gift

Sometimes you get money as gifts from relatives or friends. This gives you cash to buy something from your want list. You also could save it for something really special.


Finally, you can think of saving money as a source of money because you can get interest on the money you save. Of course, you first must get money to save it. Once saved, you can use this money to meet your wants and needs.

If you save $10 a month from age 10 on, you will have enough for a trip to Disneyworld for two when you graduate from high school.

Source of Money Word Find

Paper route
Odd jobs
Raking leaves

Washing cars
Pet sitting
Mowing lawns

Shoveling snow
Window washing

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