North Central U.S. Canola Variety Trials - Description of Traits Recorded

The following notes were requested from each of the trial locations.

Yield: pounds/acre

10% Flower: Days from planting when 10% of plants have open flowers.

End Flower: Days from planting when 10% of bloom is left on plants.

Physiological Maturity: Days from planting when 50% of the seed in a plot has turned brown or black.

Plant Height: Height recorded to the tops of the plants in inches.

Lodging: 0-9 scale. 0=no lodging, 9=prostrate on ground ­ North Dakota

1-9 scale. 1=no lodging, 9=prostrate on ground ­ Minnesota and South Dakota


Oil %: Oil percentage of the seed, as is moisture. Williston at 8% moisture.

Other optional notes taken.

Test Weight: lbs/bu

The B.napus and B.rapa varieties were included in the same variety trial in some locations and were conducted as separate trials at other locations. If they were all in one trial the mean, LSD, and C.V. % are listed under the B.rapa varieties. If they were separate trials, the mean, LSD and C.V. % are listed under each trial.