North Central U.S. Canola Variety Trials - Description of traits recorded

The following notes were requested from each of the trial locations.

Yield: pounds/acre

10% Flower: Days from planting when 10% of plants have open flowers.

End Flower: Days from planting when 10% of bloom is left on plants.

Physiological Maturity: Days from planting when 50% of the seed in a plot has turned brown or black.

Plant Height: Height recorded to the tops of the plants in inches.

Lodging: 0-9 scale. 0=no lodging, 9=prostrate on ground ­ North Dakota

1-9 scale. 1=no lodging, 9=prostrate on ground ­ Minnesota and South Dakota

Oil %: Oil percentage of the seed, as is moisture. Williston at 8% moisture.

Other optional notes taken.

Test Weight: lbs/bu

Sclerotina: Percent incidence

Seed Size: 1000 KWT (grams)