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The Langdon Research Extension Center, a mile east of Langdon, was established in 1907 during the 10th Legislative Assembly of North Dakota. The 389-acre Center conducts research designed to maintain and improve northeastern North Dakota's vital agricultural economy. The focus here is on crop variety development, cropping systems and seed production. The site includes a seed cleaning plant and storage facilities.

The nine counties served by the Langdon Center have some of North Dakota's highest precipitation rates and richest soils. The region also has some of the state's coolest temperatures and a short growing season. This environment encourages high levels of crop production and disease problems.

The overall research emphasis of this site is on increasing the productivity of agricultural crops by:

The Langdon Center plays a pivotal role in the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station's durum breeding program - all durum varieties released by NDSU have come from Langdon nurseries. The Center also has a major role in the development of new potato varieties - since the early 1950's all potato varieties released by NDSU were selected from Langdon nurseries (70 percent of potatoes grown in the Red River Valley are NDSU varieties).

The Center has a major emphasis on studying plant diseases. The favorable environment for disease and the potential impact of crop losses make Langdon's disease research critical to the region's farmers. Several acres of irrigation make it possible to continue plant disease research even under drought conditions.

Research trials are conducted at off-station sites in neighboring counties. These trials provide information to help make crop variety recommendations for those areas and give producers a look at varieties under local conditions. Results from all Langdon Research Extension Center production trials are published and distributed by the NDSU Extension Service.

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