The following canola varieties and/or hybrids were submitted by various companies or obtained from public universities for testing in the 1998 canola trials.
Company/Brand Variety Type Rating
Ag Canada AC Boreal OP-P S
Ag Canada AC Parkland OP-P S
Ag Canada Reward OP-P S
AgrEvo(PGS) Phoenix OP-LT MS
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-457 H-LT MS
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-460 H-LT MS
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-482 H-LT MS
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-494 H-LT R
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-504 H-LT MR
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-506 H-LT R
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-513 H-LT MS
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-514 H-LT MR
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-515 H-LT MR
AgrEvo(PGS) PHS97-579 H-LT MR
Agri-Tel Grain OAC Summit OP MS
Agri-Tel Grain Sponsor OP R
Agriprogress 1-9173 OP MR
Agriprogress 179165 OP MR
Agriprogress 179166 OP MR
Agriprogress PF 7528/95 H MR
Alberta Pool 91-15026NA OP R
Alberta Pool A97-14N OP R
Alberta Pool A97-16N OP R
Alberta Pool Q2 OP R
Alberta Pool A97-9 NR OP-RR MR-R
Alberta Pool A98-9 NR OP-RR MR-R
Alberta Pool Quest OP-RR MR
Brett-Young Seeds SR96278 OP MS
Bonis & Company BC801 OP R
Bonis & Company BC97-101 OP MS
Calgene LA 161 OP-LA MR
Calgene LA 269 OP-LA MS
Can-Amera Foods Castor OP-HEAR NA
Cargill Cavalier OP MR
Cargill HyC606 H MR
Cargill Roseau OP MR
Cargill SchP015 H NA
Cargill X5.189 OP NA
Croplan Genetics 21/95 OP MR
Croplan Genetics CL Ex57 OP MR
Croplan Genetics CL2070 H MR
Croplan Genetics CL2078 SYN MR
Croplan Genetics Crown OP MR
Croplan Genetics Hudson OP MS
Croplan Genetics Oscar OP MR
IMC-Cargill 93KN OP MS
IMC-Cargill IMC 130 OP MS
IMC-Cargill IMC 140 OP MS
IMC-Cargill x9801 OP MS
IMC-Cargill x9804 OP MS
IMC-Cargill x9806 OP MS
IMC-Cargill JD252 OP MS
Integra Seed Advantage OP MR
Integra Seed Battleford OP MR
Integra Seed CrackerJack SYN MR
Integra Seed Eagle OP MR
Integra Seed Helios OP MR
Interstate Seed Crusher OP MS
Interstate Seed Dynamite OP MR
Interstate Seed Hyola 330 H MS
Interstate Seed Hyola 401 H S
Interstate Seed Hyola 420 H MR
Interstate Seed Quantum OP R
Interstate Seed ZNP009 OP MS
Interstate Seed ZNA 005 OP-AP MR
Interstate Seed Hyola Exp2 RR H-RR NA
Interstate Seed Hyola Exp1 RR H-RR NA
Kaystar KC-701 H MR
Kaystar KC-x8601 H NA
LimaGrain Seeds Ebony OP MR
LimaGrain Seeds LG3220 OP MR
LimaGrain Seeds LG3222 OP MS
LimaGrain Seeds LG3260 OP S
LimaGrain Seeds LG3333 OP MR
LimaGrain Seeds LG3360 OP MR
LimaGrain Seeds LG3369 OP MR
LimaGrain Seeds LG3388 OP MR
LimaGrain Seeds LG3430 OP R
LimaGrain Seeds LG3930 OP MR
LimaGrain Seeds PR3665 OP-RR NA
LimaGrain Seeds LG3295 OP-RR NA
LimaGrain Seeds PR5295 OP-RR NA
LimaGrain Seeds PR 4406 OP-RR NA
LimaGrain Seeds PR 5292 OP-RR NA
Mycogen Seeds DMS-100 OP MR
Mycogen Seeds Exp95-09 OP R
Mycogen Seeds SVO95-08 OP MR
Northstar Seed Trailblazer OP MR
Parsons Seeds PSL 95-116 OP R
Parsons Seeds PSL 97-102 OP MR
Performance Seeds 1-9118 OP MR
Performance Seeds Dakini OP MS
Pioneer 44A89 OP R
Pioneer 45A01 OP R
Pioneer 45A02 OP R
Pioneer 45A71 OP-Imi R
Pioneer 46A65 OP R
Pioneer 46A74 OP-Imi MR
Pioneer 45A51 OP-RR NA
Pioneer 45A50 OP-RR NA
Proseed Beacon OP MR
Proseed Blue Ribbon H MR
Proseed Promark 220 SYN MR
Proseed Topscore OP MR
Seeds 2000 Golden Boy SYN MR
Svalof Weibull Global OP MR
Svalof Weibull Goldpro 701 H MR
Svalof Weibull SW 02582 OP MR
Svalof Weibull SW 02765 OP MR
Svalof Weibull SW 02766 OP MR
Svalof Weibull SW 02771 OP MR
Svalof Weibull SW 9621477 OP MR
Svalof Weibull SW A2636 OP MR
Svalof Weibull SW A2655 OP MR
Svalof Weibull SW A2659 LL OP-LT MR
Svalof Weibull SWLM 98011 SYN MR
Svalof Weibull Wildcat OP MR
Svalof Weibull SWA2658 OP-RR MR
Svalof Weibull SWB2772 OP-RR R
Svalof Weibull SWA2619 OP-RR MS
Svalof Weibull SWA2637 OP-RR R
Svalof Weibull SW Arrow (SWA2601) OP-RR MS
Terra Exp3 OP MR
Univ. of Idaho Garnet OP-HEAR NA
Univ. of Idaho Stirling OP-HEAR NA
Univ. of Idaho Sunrise OP NA
Wheat City Seeds Coronet OP MR

All varieties are Argentine (B.napus) unless listed otherwise. P-Polish (B.rapa). OP- open pollinated, H-Hybrid, SYN-Synthetic Hybrid, LT-Libery Tolerant, AP-Apetalous, HEAR-High Erucic Acid Rapeseed, LA-Laurate, Imi-Imi tolerant, RR-Roundup Ready, NA-Information not available.

Blackleg ratings:S=Susceptible, MS=Moderately Susceptible, MR=Moderately Resistant