The following canola varieties and/or hybrids were submitted by various companies or obtained from public universities for testing in the 1997 canola trials. Marketing rights to the varieties may have changed since their submission in the spring of 1997.

Brand and
Varieties/Hybrids Tested
Magnum OAC Summmit Sponsor
D1-9124 Dakini
AGR 1 AGR 2 AGR 3 HCN 35 HCN 28 95 ON83-3
Brett-Young Seeds
BNS94043 GOH18
97060 97080 97170 Quantum
Cargill Seeds
Garnet** Sterling** UI4721**
Croplan Genetics
CL2020 CL2070 CLEX57 Hudson Oscar Cyclone
Dow Elanco
Holly Exp 94-04
General Mills
Fairview ACS-H-2 Princeton
HN9466 HN9611 HN9616 HN9620
InterMountain Canola Cargill
03 130 137 140 594 Cavalier
SCHP007 HYC606
Intergra Seeds
9406 9466 95/135 Advantage Eagle Helios
Hybrid 1 Hybrid 3
Interstate Seed
Brigade Crusher Defender Hyola 308 Hyola 330 Hyola 401
Hyola 420 Impulse Norseman OAC Dynamite Optimum 500
Kaystar Seeds
KC-701 KC-x702 KC-x703
Limagrain Canada
Ebony LG3260 LG3310 LGx710 LGx801
Mycogen Seeds
Ex 94-06
Northern Sales
Northstar Seeds
Parson Seeds
PSL 94-124 PSL 95-110 PSL 95-116 PSL 96-119
44A89 45A71 46A65
Exp 2 Exp 3 Exp 4 Promark 220 Topscore
Seeds 2000
Golden Boy
Southern Seeds
Svalof Weibull
Battleford Beacon Clavet Coronet SW02568 SW02582
SW H02606 Figaro SWLM9702 SWLM9703
Sask. Wheat Pool
SWP 650* Castor**
University of Georgia
RPX04.2.7 RPX09.9.B4
University of Wisconsin
RV128p1 RV128p7
USDA World Collection
PI 180417
Canada (Public)
Tobin Reward AC Boreal AC Parkland Reston** AC Excel

* Canola quality mustard (Brassica juncea)
** HEAR (Rapeseed) varieties