Dan Nudell, Economist


Bachelor of University Studies degree in Animal Science production and
Farm/Ranch Management from North Dakota State University, 1986
Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from North Dakota State Univeristy, 1997

He is a member of Western Agricultural Economics Association, alderman for the Hettinger City Council, board member for Adams County Development Corporation, board member for the
Mirror Lake Advisory Panel, and board member for SW Correctional Center
Womens' Prison Industries Advisory Council

Research Interests:
His research interests are land transfer patterns in the Northern Plains, livestock
production functions, and cost containment in livestock production.

HREC Position:
He currently has a split appointment. 70% of his time is livestock economics for the
Hettinger Research Extension Center and the other 30% is technology support
in Southwest North Dakota (Department of Agricultural Communications).

Current Project(s):
His current projects include developing a resource inventory for a forty county area in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. He is also studying land scales in the region to determine the effects of recreation land purchases on land values, and developing a four site, ten
county effort to bring video-conferencing technology to Southwest North Dakota.