2000 Sheep Day Report

  1. Lean Lamb Divergent Selection Project Update
  2. Comparison of Companion Versus Single Species Grazing on Rangelands Infested With Leafy Spurge(A Four-Year Summary)
  3. Nutrient Composition of Selected Warm-Season Grasses: Preliminary Report
  4. Effects of Multi-Species Grazing on Leafy Spurge Infested Rangeland Using Twice-Over Rotation and Seasonlong Grazing Treatments (A four-Year Summary)
  5. Out of Season Reproductive Potential of Western White Faced Rambouillet Type Sheep Under North Dakota Conditions
  6. Easy Sheep
  7. Producer Response to the Square Bagger
  8. Ekre Project-1999 Ewe Flock
  9. Positioning Lamb Producers to be Competitive in the U.S. Market
  10. Economic Analysis of Controlling Leafy Spurge With Sheep
  11. Feasibility of a Sheep Cooperative for Grazing Leafy Spurge
  12. Effect of Field Pea (Pisum Sativum) Replacement of Corn on Lamb Performance in Finishing Diets
  13. Addition of Rumen Degradable Protein to Corn-Based Lamb Finishing Diets
  14. Effects of FSH Treatment in Seasonally Anestrous Ewes on Egg Production, Retrieval, and Quality for Use in In Vitro Fertilization Procedures
  15. Effects of Gonadotropin Treatment on Incidence of Estrus and Pregnancy Rate in Ewes Synchronized with Synchro-Mate-B (SMB) and Subjected to Laparoscopic Articifial Insemination (LAI) During the Breeding Season