2004 Sheep & Beef Day
*All files are PDF*


Effects of Dormant Season Grazing on Herbage Production and Plant Growth

Dormant Season Protein Supplementation: How often do I need to feed protein to my cows?

Multi-Species Grazing and Single Species Grazing on Leafy Spurge Infested Rangeland
(Eight-Year Summary)

Effects of Multi-Species Grazing on Leafy Spurge Infested Rangeland Using Twice-Over Rotation and Season-Long Grazing Treatments (Eight-Year Summary)

Southwest Feeders Project: 4-State Calf Backgrounding Practicum

Southwest Feeders Project: Altering Feedlot Performance and Marketing Endpoints of Finish Lambs

Evaluation of Katahdin Hair Sheep: Their Use In North Dakota Management Schemes

Preliminary Report on Pregnancy Rates After Transfer of Cryopreserved and Fresh Embryos Produced In Vivo and In Vitro In Sheep

Assisted Reproductive Technology In Sheep (A Review)

Adding Value To Lamb By Evaluating and Reducing the Incidence of Lung Lesions

Shearing Feeder Lambs

Flock Calendar Outline

Rearing Lambs Artificially (Orphans) - Management Tips



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