2002 Agribusiness Day Articles

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2002 Western Dakotas Agribusiness Day

Dan Nudell


Optimal Calving Season on Northern Plains Integrated Livestock-Crop Farms and Ranches

Dr. Eric Devuyst


Annual Forage For Beef

Dan Nudell


Rural Economic Effects of the Conservation Reserve Program In North Dakota

Dean Bangsund


Ranch Operators' Perceptions of Leafy Spurge Management and Evaluation of the TEAM Leafy Spurge Project

Nancy Hodur


Financial Characteristics of North Dakota Farms

Andrew L. Swenson


Base and Yield Update Calculator Instructions

Andrew L. Swenson


Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002

Dwight Aakre


Take Advantage of Stronger Prices

Dr. George Flaskerud


Develop Scale-Up Marketing Plan For 2003-2004

Dr. George Flaskerud


Livestock Situation and Outlook

Tim Petry