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North Dakota State University * Hettinger Research Extension Center
West Highway 12, PO Box 1377, Hettinger, ND 58639, Voice: (701) 567-4323, FAX: (701) 567-4327

On behalf of the North Dakota State University Agricultural Experiment Station, the Hettinger Research
Extension Center would like to extend an invitation to seed companies or their representative to submit
entries into our crop cultivar/hybrid performance tests for 2008.  Specific information on each crop
contract along with an entry form can be obtained below.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Eric Eriksmoen

2008 Crop Cultivar/Hybrid Testing Contracts-Hettinger

Important:  Save the contracts below as pdf's on your computer to fill them out and email back.
Please read contract information carefully!


Entry Form Deadline

2008 - Sunflower Contract

April 18

2008 - Corn Contract

April 11

2008 - Canola Contract

March 31


2008 - Soybean Contract

2008-Other Contracts

April 25



Additional NDSU Crop Performance Testing Locations

Research Extension Center's Email Contact Telephone Contract Web Page
North Central - Minot Mark Halvorson 701-857-7679 NCREC
Carrington Blaine Schatz 701-652-2951
Williston Neil Riveland 701-774-4315
Hettinger Eric Eriksmoen 701-567-4323
Langdon Bryan Hanson 70-256-2582 LREC
Soybeans Ted Helms 701-231-8136
Corn Marcelo Carena 701-231-8138 Corn Grain